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About Us

We're not just a website we're a community!

This site is an on-line card buying service, where members can access details about other members cards, and list items on the site they want to sell, then make request for wanted goods. Our main aim is to help our members trade for cards they want to fill their collection.

This site was born out of the insight that many individuals can find traders to safely trade high valued cards with. We have found that more often than not most people have to sell and have no safe place to trade with others. With that in mind, we recognized that there was indeed a place in today's economy for these individuals, and that place is here!

Our staff, is fully committed to insuring that every user in our community is catered to. In addition, our staff is constantly conversing amongst each other sharing new ideas and thoughts to accommodate you. We'd love to hear your ideas and thoughts too! We hope that you enjoy our site and all of the benefits it brings to you.

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